Raw Goat's Milk + Fermented Pastes

2 quarts Raw Goat's Milk + Choose Your Combo of SIX 6oz packages of Fermented Pastes.
Bam's Beets & Lua's Fermented Golden Paste: Use the drop-down menu to choose 3 of each or 6 of one! 
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Fans of our Raw Goat's Milk and fermented pastes will love this convenient combo package. Raw Goat's Milk is nature's most perfect food, and fermentation ramps up the health benefits of Bam's Beets and Lua's Golden Paste. Choose your pup's favorite or get 3 of each! 


  • Ships frozen with dry ice in a curbside recyclable insulated cooler.
  • Product is shipped directly from our facility in Oregon. Orders must be submitted by midnight on Sunday. Your order will ship on Monday or Tuesday. 
  • All sales are final
  • Want to save on shipping? Check out our store locator (link) to see if your neighborhood store carry Green Juju!


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