GREEN JUJU is the easiest way to add healthy vegetables, fruits and novel proteins to any diet. Add some life to the bowl — or reward your dog with a high-value treat — because there’s nothing better than a happy, healthy dog!

With frozen vegetable blends, fermented pastes, hydrating novel protein bone broths, organ-rich freeze-dried treats and pure raw goats milk, you’ll find a variety of ways to give your pet a nutritional boost. All our products support canine immune systems, digestive tracts, skin and coat, joints and contribute to optimal health.

Now, for the first time, Green Juju has introduced a complete and balanced diet with our new Freeze-Dried Raw Diet formulas!


Real whole food ingredients provide vitamins, minerals and enzymes in a form your dog’s body can easily use and process.


We use all certified organic vegetables and grass-fed, pasture-raised or wild-caught proteins in our products to ensure the best, healthiest ingredients for your dog.


All of our products are designed to make it easier for you to feed your pups naturally healthier foods that they will love eating day after day.


When our founder’s pup, Bailey, was diagnosed with a rare joint tumor, few conventional treatment options were available. Knowing the healing powers of whole foods, Kelley sourced local ingredients to create a blend of fresh greens for Bailey. The results were remarkable. Bailey regained energy, strength and vitality.

After sharing the blend and seeing similar success in other dogs, Green Juju was born so that even more dogs could benefit from the green goodness that helped Bailey!

Green Juju is now available in more than 2,000 stores from coast to coast. We continue to use only the best ingredients, sourcing and processing. No corners are cut. No expenses are spared. Only the best for our pup, and now for yours, too. Read our full story.



We believe feeding your dog to thrive shouldn't be time consuming or complicated, which is why all of our supplements can be fed quickly and easily while delivering maximum nutritional benefits.


Green Juju offers a full range of frozen and freeze-dried supplements, as well as bone broth and pure raw goat's milk, to boost your pet's nutrition with a range of healthy vitamins and nutrients.
Freeze-Dried Raw Diet

This complete and balanced, limited-ingredient raw diet starts with responsibly sourced, high-quality proteins, including nutrient-rich organ meat. Then we add a dark, leafy green and kelp. No grains, gluten or fillers. No synthetic vitamins or minerals. Only nourishing, natural ingredients for healthy, happy, energetic pups.

Frozen Raw Patties & Sliders

Our complete and balanced, limited-ingredient raw diet recipes are now available in convenient, affordable patties and sliders. All proteins are grass-fed or humanely raised, including nutrient-rich organ meat. No synthetic vitamins or minerals. Only nourishing, natural ingredients, ready for easy feeding!

Frozen & Freeze-Dried Blends

Our raw, organic fresh vegetable blends are packed with nutrients to support skin + coat, digestion, joints and immune systems. We encourage rotating between the blends to offer the broadest range of nutrients.

Hydrating Bone Broth

We use only 100% grass-fed and finished bison bone broth, organic duck bone broth, and wild-harvested venison bone broth, all with no added hormones or antibiotics. It’s great for keeping dogs hydrated and improving digestion.

Whole Food Bites

We’ve infused high-quality proteins with vibrantly colored organic fruits and vegetables to create irresistible freeze-dried whole food bites. Feed them as high-value treats or a nutrient-dense meal topper.

Fermented Vegetable Blends

Bam’s Beets and Lua’s Golden Paste are wild fermented, which means pets get a more diverse and unique range of probiotics in every bite.

Raw Goat's Milk

We believe Mother Nature got it right the first time, so we offer our goat’s milk pure, simple and raw. It can be fed three ways — straight from the bottle, fermented or made lactose-free.

Single-Ingredient Protein Trainers

Give your dog a healthy, high-value treats on-the-go with our nutrient-rich single-ingredient protein trainers. Choose from Bison Liver, Rabbit or Salmon!

Wild Fermented Mushroom Probiotic

Our Wild Fermented Mushroom Probiotic is made from the fruiting body of the mushroom and mimics the natural gut diversity found in the wild. This truly is nature’s perfect probiotic, featuring a 1 billion probiotics per ounce and hundreds of unique strains.