Nothing is more rewarding for us than to hear directly from our customers that our products are helping their pets live happier, healthier, fuller lives. So we want to share some of our favorite reviews and testimonials so that anyone new to Green Juju can see how it’s helping other pups!

If you’ve been considering Green Juju, we hope you’ll give it a try. We think your dog will like it as much as these dogs do! 

Green Juju is a fantastic supplement to your dog’s diet. As a veterinarian, I think too many of our pets are eating highly processed food. Feeding some REAL food is essential to health and vitality. Green Juju is packed full of fresh goodness, and feeding it along with other good food provides missing essential nutrients. My dogs love it—and are eating more eagerly than ever!

— Maryam Salt, DVM

About 2 years ago my dog tore the ACL in his back leg and had to have cruciate surgery. His leg was never the same, and he aged drastically since then. Since he’s been on Green Juju, I’ve seen a MAJOR difference in him. He seriously acts like he’s 5 years younger: playing constantly, loves to go for long walks again, smiling (he really does), bouncing around like a puppy, his legs seem less painful, and his dry coat looks amazing! I really can’t thank you enough for giving my dog his happy life back.

— Carrie & Avery

My two year old French Bulldog had allergies which lead to irritated skin and digestion issues. I tried Green Juju as a healthy alternative. Balan loved the taste of it alone or mixed into his diet. His skin is now clear and as a bonus his coat is silky smooth!

— Kristeen & Balan

As a dietitian who practices integrative and functional medicine, I’m very focused on disease prevention, and when it comes to nutrition, Green Juju simply can’t be beat. The quality ingredients in Green Juju are known to reduce inflammation, support natural detox pathways, support a balanced healthy gut, and so much more. Green Juju has improved both of my dog’s coats tremendously, and completely diminished the dry, scratchy skin they both used to get.

— Sarah Lippman

I am so happy to find your dog food! My dog started having food allergy symptoms and I found out one of the causes of it was fish oil that is oxidized in dog food. Unfortunately most of dog food contains fish oil. Since I started feeding your dog food, he is doing much better🐶

— @smily.the.poo on Instagram

We’ve used both pastes for a year, and I see a huge difference in my luxating patella/limping/sensitive GI pup! Before we started Lua’s Golden Paste, his vet was sure he’d need ACL surgery. Now he hasn’t been limping for a while and he’s way more active and playful. And Bam’s Beets has helped his acid reflux tremendously!

— @mochi_and_gus

Got our picky old girl eating consistently and enjoying less tummy issues! Highly recommend!!


Thank you so much for a product that has this much organs and nutrition without the added veggies and other items that were needed to balance it out from other companies. My Ryu loves this food and does wonderful on it. So far this is his favorite flavor. He is digesting it better than the wet raw which he has been on for years. He has increased energy and leaner body build now. He gets to choose the veggies he wants to eat instead of having them already in the meal. Your treats are amazing too. Look forward to trying all the flavors.

— Israel S.

Just wanted to share that I really love the Just Greens Freeze-Dried blend. My dog has been getting that in her food for a few months now, and it has really helped her. We lived in toxic mold (unknowingly) for 6 years and my dog Moa really has struggled with her immune system. Since adding that into her diet she really has improved. 

— Nicole Thomas

I wanted to write you and let you know that your new freeze-dried food has been an absolute blessing to us and especially Maggie Mae, our Frenchton we rescued a couple months ago. She had horrible food and environmental allergies. Itching like crazy and losing hair on her chest and tummy. We ran the food/environmental test from Glacier Peak Holistics and took the results down to Tom and Hound, who we've always trusted, and they recommended the Bison and the Rabbit Green JuJu freeze-dried and a few other brands. ... I have always loved Green JuJu bone broth so we went with your food, and she has done an almost 100% turnaround with Green JuJu Bison. I add your Duck Bone Broth and her probiotic. Thank you so very much Green JuJu for making incredible and trusted food for our dogs.

Jodie Beardsley