Bam’s Beets and Lua’s Fermented Golden Paste are our first products using the squeeze pouches. We’ve heard positive feedback and we’ve heard a few concerns, so we want you to help us decide whether the pouches will stay or whether another alternative is better. Read on and then take our poll to let us know what you want to see …

Why we chose the pouches:

  • Thaws easily and convenient to pour (minimizing spilling and staining on clothes or surfaces)
  • More economical and eco-friendly to ship since they are flat and take up less space

Concerns we’ve heard:

  • Sometimes difficult to get all the product out of the pouches
  • Coconut oil can clump when cold, requiring you to run warm water over the pouch

The cardboard containers we use for our frozen blends cannot be used for these pastes because they will degrade over the 30-day shelf life of the fermented products. Our distributors will not ship glass containers due to the likelihood of breaking. So our options for the fermented pastes are our current pouches or recyclable plastic containers.

One of the perks of being a small, two-person company is that we can make quick changes and adapt to the needs of our customers. These products have gotten rave reviews, but we don’t want packaging to be a barrier to purchase.

Take our quick, one-question poll and leave a comment telling us the reasoning behind your choice.


What packaging would you prefer we use for Bam’s Beets and Lua’s Fermented Golden Paste?