At Green Juju, we keep our ingredient panels short, and that’s intentional. Less is more when it comes to the natural, health-promoting properties of real whole foods. We pioneered fresh greens blends using all organic produce. By incorporating grass-fed novel proteins like bison, beef, organic turkey, free-range duck and wild-caught salmon, our products are an option for even the most sensitive pets. It’s the easiest way to add fresh foods to any diet. Browse our products below to review the ingredients and check out the guaranteed analysis for a full nutritional breakdown.
Just Greens

Ingredients: Organic celery, organic zucchini, organic kale, organic dandelion greens, organic parsley bison bone broth, organic coconut oil, organic lemon, organic turmeric, organic ginger.

Bailey’s Blend

Ingredients: organic cucumber, organic green cabbage, organic broccoli, organic turkey bone broth, organic cilantro, organic chard, organic coconut oil, organic blueberries, organic turmeric, organic lemon.

Golden Blend

Ingredients: Organic butternut squash, organic celery, duck bone broth, organic cauliflower, organic golden beets, organic coconut oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic ginger, organic turmeric.

Bison Bone Broth

Ingredients: Water, bison bones, organic apple cider vinegar, organic turmeric, organic ginger.

Duck Bone Broth

Ingredients: Water, duck bones, organic ginger, organic turmeric, organic apple cider vinegar.

Freeze-Dried Just Greens Blend With Nettles

Ingredients: Organic zucchini, organic celery, organic kale, organic dandelion greens, organic coconut flour, organic parsley, organic coconut oil, organic nettles, organic ginger, organic turmeric.

Freeze-Dried Beef Red Bites

Ingredients: Beef hearts, beef liver, organic carrots, organic beets, organic turmeric, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative) *non-GMO.

Freeze-Dried Bison Green Bites

Ingredients: Grass-fed Colorado bison organs with organic kale, organic dandelion greens and organic kelp.

Freeze-Dried Salmon Blue Bites

Ingredients: Salmon, organic purple cabbage, organic blueberries, organic fenugreek, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative) *non-GMO.

Freeze-Dried Duck Orange Bites

Ingredients: Duck with bone, duck liver, organic butternut squash, organic carrots, organic turmeric, organic fenugreek seed, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative)

Freeze-Dried Pork Pink Bites

Ingredients: Pork, pork heart, pork liver, organic parsnips, organic beets, organic strawberries, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative) *non-GMO


We source the best raw milk in the country — from happy, healthy, humanely raised goats.


Ingredients: Organic turmeric, water, organic coconut oil.


Ingredients: organic red beets, organic purple cabbage, water, sea salt.

Single-Ingredient Bison Liver Trainers

Ingredients: Bison liver.

Single-Ingredient Rabbit Trainers

Made with 100% rabbit

Single-Ingredient Salmon Trainers

Made with 100% salmon